It is my great pleasure to tell you about a price reduction for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) customers who plan to use, Standard Reserved Instances or EC2 Instance Saving Plans. The price changes are already in effect, and so anyone buying news RIs or a new EC2 Instance Saving Plan will be able to take advantage of the lower prices.

Our engineering investments, coupled with our scale and our time-tested ability to manage our capacity, allow us to identify and pass on cost savings to you.

The price reduction you receive, depends on the region you choose, whether you take out a 1 or 3 year term and finally the instance family you commit to in your agreement. Price reductions vary from between 1% to a massive 18% on what you were previously paying. Below I’ve given a snapshot of some of the savings across the M5, C5, and R5 instance types, however there are also price reductions for the instance types C5n, C5d, M5a, M5n, M5ad, M5dn, R5a, R5n, R5d, R5ad, R5dn, T3, T3a, Z1d, and A1.

Price Reduction for 1 Year TermsPrice Reduction for 3 Year Terms
AWS GovCloud (US-East)8%0%0%5%0%5%
AWS GovCloud (US-West)8%0%0%5%0%5%
Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)3%7%0%2%4%5%
Asia Pacific (Mumbai)2%7%0%2%5%4%
Asia Pacific (Osaka)10%12%0%14%16%5%
Asia Pacific (Seoul)0%7%0%6%12%5%
Asia Pacific (Singapore)2%6%0%2%4%5%
Asia Pacific (Sydney)9%1%0%13%3%5%
Asia Pacific (Tokyo)10%12%0%14%16%5%
Canada (Central)1%6%0%2%0%5%
Europe (Frankfurt)12%9%0%18%13%5%
Europe (Ireland)10%8%0%13%11%5%
Europe (London)10%8%0%14%11%5%
Europe (Paris)10%8%0%13%11%5%
Europe (Stockholm)10%8%0%13%11%5%
Middle East (Bahrain)10%8%0%13%11%5%
South America (São Paulo)0%12%0%4%7%4%
US East (N. Virginia)2%0%0%2%0%5%
US East (Ohio)2%1%0%2%0%5%
US West (N. California)16%8%0%15%7%5%
US West (Oregon)2%0%0%2%0%5%

There are a few caveats that I’d like to make you aware of, firstly, this price reduction is not available for Convertible Reserved Instances, Compute Saving Plans or On-Demand instances. Secondly, Windows instances will see a different price reduction due to the licensing involved.

The price reduction is available in all regions effective immediately. Going forward, you will pay the new lower price for EC2.

— Martin

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