Starting today, you can use managed Amazon AppStream 2.0 image updates to keep your AppStream 2.0 images up-to-date with the latest Windows operating system updates, driver updates, and AppStream 2.0 agent software. Previously, AppStream 2.0 images were kept up to date by installing your applications on the latest base image each time a new image was released, or by installing updates for the Windows operating system, your applications, and their dependencies on a new or existing image using the AppStream 2.0 image builder. With this launch, you can select the image that you want to update, and with a single action, AppStream 2.0 creates an image builder in the same AWS account and Region to install the updates and create the new image. After the new image is created, you can test it before updating your production fleets or sharing the image with other AWS accounts. To get started, see Keep Your AppStream 2.0 Image Up-to-Date in the Amazon AppStream 2.0 Administration Guide.