The aerospace and space industries have changed considerably since the early days of jet travel and the Apollo missions. New technology is making space and sky more accessible than ever—startups are reaching skyward and towards the stars with seemingly every day new, innovative ideas.

This month’s issue of Architecture Monthly brings you curated content to highlight some of these ideas and innovations from our commercial aerospace, aerospace defense, and space leaders, including the newly launched AWS for Aerospace and Satellite organization. We highlight new and updated technology, practical solutions and their applications, and innovative companies that are working towards exploring and learning about the final frontier. Get inspired!

We’d like to thank our experts, Scott Eberhardt, Worldwide Tech Leader, Aerospace; Shayn Hawthorne, Sr. Mgr., Aerospace Tech Leader; and Buffy Wajvoda, Head of SA – Space & Satellite for their contributions.

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In this month’s issue:

  • Ask an Expert: Scott Eberhardt, Worldwide Tech Lead for Aerospace at AWS; Shayn Hawthorne, Space Technology Leader for AWS Aerospace and Satellite Solutions Division; and Buffy Wajvoda, Worldwide Leader for Aerospace and Satellite Solutions Architecture at AWS
  • Website: Introduction to AWS for Aerospace and Satellite
  • Blog: Capella uses space to bring you closer to Earth
  • Reference Architecture: Run Machine Learning Algorithms with Satellite Data
  • Blog: UAE Mars mission uses AWS to advance scientific discoveries
  • Solution: AWS re:Invent 2020: Detecting extreme weather events from space
  • Blog: Announcing the AWS Space Accelerator for startups
  • Reference Architecture: Electro-Optical Imagery Reference Architecture
  • Case Study: Avio Aero Accelerates Business Growth with HPC Solution on AWS
  • Reference Architecture: Connected Aircraft
  • Case Study: Joby Aviation Uses AWS to Revolutionize Transportation
  • Whitepaper: Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) on AWS: From Migration to Innovation
  • Reference Architecture: Using Computer Vision for Product Quality Analysis in Plants
  • Videos:
    • AWS re:Invent 2020: Advancing the future of space in the cloud
    • AWS Connected Aircraft Overview
    • AWS Vision for Model-based Engineering in Aerospace
    • Avio Aero, a GE Aviation Business: Serverless Application to Manage Expense Purchase Approvals
    • Cybersecurity and Compliance for Aerospace
    • Product Lifecycle Management for Aerospace

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