Last month we announced a technical preview of the next generation of Sentinel imports in Terraform Cloud. We are now happy to announce the API has reached a level of stability and is now generally available for use in production for Terraform Sentinel policies.

These imports still need to be imported using the additional "/v2" suffix at this point in time, so make sure to use import "tfconfig/v2", import "tfplan/v2" and import "tfstate/v2" in your Sentinel policies. In the future, as we transition these imports into the default path and sunset the old v1 import API for Terraform 0.12, with an option to control this behavior in Terraform Cloud.

For the most up to date documentation on the imports, check out these pages within the Terraform Cloud documentation.

Sentinel is offered in Terraform Cloud as part of the Team and Governance Tier or in Terraform Enterprise. To get started with Terraform Cloud, you can sign up for a free account. Finally, if you are an existing TFC or TFE customer, and you have feedback regarding the new imports, submit a support ticket and let us know.

from Hashicorp Blog: