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  1. Homogeneous & Heterogeneous Migrations Using AWS Database migration service(DMS)
  2. Introduction to Azure Resource Manager
  3. SC-900

Now, let’s look into each course in detail.

1. Homogeneous & Heterogeneous Migrations Using AWS Database migration service (DMS) – Online Course

The AWS data migration is a supportive feature created to shift your database to AWS in the easiest way. It’s not just about transferring your data to AWS but also having easy control and operation once the data is transferred. The homogeneous migration can vary from Oracle to Microsoft SQL. Right from continuous replication to an easy consolidation of data, the course will introduce you to everything. The division of the course lectures are as follows:

Introduction: 1 Lecture

This is a brush through from the basics of AWS. It will introduce you to the databases and help you find your software and place them on your devices. The lecture will also give you a technical and mechanical brief of what lies ahead in the major lectures and how to prepare for them.

Introduction to AWS Services: 3 Lectures

This will introduce you to the different software and applications or servers through which you can operate and download your data. For example, it gives a briefing about migration from SQL Server to Aurora MySQL. Your introduction and journey to the world of Amazon will start from here.

Basics of Data Migration on Cloud: 3 Lectures

This course introduces you to various application deployments, analytics, workflows and will thoroughly fit the machine learning innovations in your mind. It will introduce you to a variety of partner tools that AWS has to offer.

Migration Hub in AWS: 5 Lectures

These will introduce you to the benefits and running premise conditions of the tools. The knowledge of low latency data and rapid data, concepts like hybrid cloud storage and Use cases of Database migration will be elaborated widely.

MySQL Migration: 2 Lectures

This lecture will introduce you to the concept of SQL Server Constraints. How to shift data by creating tables on SQL Servers and common table expressions will be taught here.

Server migration in AWS: 3 Lectures

This is one of the important and most practical parts of the course. It introduces you to the VMware Cloud on AWS, VM import and export and Different AWS Services for server migration.

Issues in AWS Cloud Migration: 3 Lectures

The last one focuses on the issues in AWS Migration. It not only provides troubleshooting security issues but also teaches you how to use your technical side of the brain and figure out any unknown issue while working independently.

2. Introduction to Azure Resource Manager – Online Course

The deployment and management service for Azure is introduced in this course. Things like access control, locks and tags to secure and organise your resources and templates are some of the most useful sources taught in this course. The division of the lectures are as follows:

Introduction: 3 lectures

The introduction involves getting acquainted with the software. It introduces and makes you comfortable with the tools, names and where to find them when needed in the later lectures. It gives you a basic overview and helps you to know what to look forward to in the later lectures.

Azure Resource Manager: 13 Lectures

This is the longest part of the course and is one of the most important parts of the whole course. It will introduce you to the Azure portal, Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI and a lot of other tools. Once you cross this part of the course, you will be very close to being a pro at Azure.

Core Concepts: 8 Lectures

The lecture aims at diving deeper into the concepts which were just touched on in the above lectures. A much deeper information and understanding about resource groups, subscriptions, management groups and a lot of other topics.

Security: 11 lectures

The lecture will train you to prevent, detect and respond to threats. It teaches you how to obtain superior visibility into your resources through the software. Introduction and working of the Security centre console will be a large part of this lecture.

Resource Deployment with Azure manager: 8 lectures

Azure Monitor, Azure Monitor logs and deployment of sources using different templates like ARM is one of the most needed parts of learning the whole software. The lecture will see to it that you are well versed with the topic.

3. SC-900 – Practice Test

The SC-900 is an exclusive certification exam on Microsoft Security, compliance and identity fundamentals. The course is accompanied by practice exams and free test. The target audience of this exam are people who want to elaborate their career into the nook and corner of security fundamentals and cloud-based Microsoft services. The IT sector-based and built on the work of Professionals and business stakeholders hold security as a need higher than anything else. It’s a blooming and demanding field.

The candidates must be well versed with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. That is the basic need for a reason to identify the solution of software, you must know how the software works.

For the Exam you will need:
(a) Concepts of security, compliance and identity.
(b) Good knowledge of access management solution.
(c) How capable are Microsoft security solutions?
(d) How capable are Microsoft compliance solutions?

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