Terraform Cloud lets you collaborate on shared Terraform state, and manages Terraform runs in a consistent and reliable environment. If you already use the Terraform CLI and manage your own state, you can migrate your state file to Terraform Cloud without interrupting or recreating your existing infrastructure.

Migrate Your First State File

HashiCorp Learn has a newly updated guide that walks you safely through the process of migrating state, using an example state file and a fresh workspace to practice on.

Migrate State to Terraform Cloud

Get Started on Terraform Cloud

If you don’t have any existing state yet, you can also start with Terraform Cloud from scratch using our getting-started track. Here you will walk through setting up your Terraform Cloud account, creating your first workspace, and provisioning infrastructure on AWS using version-controlled infrastructure-as-code.

Sign up for Terraform Cloud

Engage with the Terraform Community

Just like for open source Terraform, our community is here to help with questions about Terraform Cloud. If you have any questions about our updated guide, feel free to ask on this Community forum thread.

Check out HashiCorp Learn for more Terraform hands-on tutorials.

from Hashicorp Blog: https://www.hashicorp.com/blog/migrate-state-to-terraform-cloud-with-updated-learn-guide