Like every other company, we’ve been reacting to a changing global environment daily from the impacts of COVID-19. We’re also aware of the increased pressure on the cloud to perform for every business as workforces become remote, education moves online, and entertainment streams into our homes. Combined with a surge in demand for emergency services and intensive data processing needs for public health services and medical research, infrastructure has become more critical than ever in delivering essential services, communications, work tools, and entertainment on a scale unlike anything we’ve seen before.

To that end, we are offering a few services to support you, as you work to support your own business and customers. These are:

Free HashiCorp Terraform Cloud for Qualifying Organizations

We are offering Terraform Cloud’s Team & Governance tiered features at no cost to organizations working directly or indirectly on efforts to provide aid and assistance for the COVID-19 response. Terraform Cloud is a hosted service that allows teams to collaborate on infrastructure from their various remote (work from home) environments. This option is to help remove the operational and economic burden COVID-19 is having on IT operations teams who are now working remotely and still continue to provide and manage the infrastructure that underpins their services.

If your organization is interested in Terraform Cloud at no cost, to support the work you are doing right now:

  • Send an email to [email protected] outlining your use case. We’ll respond with the necessary details.

  • For the use case, we will qualify organizations that directly or indirectly are supporting efforts providing aid and assistance to COVID-19 response. Organizations that meet this criteria will be eligible for 6 months of free Terraform Cloud usage for any plan and team size. If you have unique circumstances or are unsure if your scenario fits, please contact us.

Public and Private Virtual Office Hours for HashiCorp Products

Technical experts from our engineering, product, customer success, solution engineering, and developer relations teams will be available to support our community and customers, regardless if you are using open source or enterprise versions of our products. During these office hours, anyone using our tools will be able to connect with technical experts on our team for product deep-dives and Q&A sessions so we can help you get the information you need about using our products and resolve issues you might have:

Public, Virtual Office Hours

Starting April 10, we will host regular live public virtual office hours. Each 60-minute session will focus on one tool: Terraform, Vault, Consul, Nomad, or the major Terraform providers. The first session is Friday, April 10 at 11 a.m. PDT, and will focus on the Terraform Operator for Kubernetes.

The sessions will be driven by questions from the community, using tools that allow participants to submit and vote on questions that they would like to pose to HashiCorp technical experts. We will have experts available that can provide advice on your technical architecture, give recommendations for operational best practices, review current Github issues, or dive into the open source code itself.

1:1 Technical Office Hours

If you have product-related questions that are more narrow in scope, or that you would prefer to discuss privately, we will also provide a set of weekly private virtual office hours. We will gather details from you about your question(s) and then match you with appropriate HashiCorp experts. These private virtual office hours will be hosted weekly Tuesday through Thursday beginning on April 14. Sign up for your private session at

We hope that these measures can provide you and your organization some assistance as we all adjust to these global challenges.

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