Today, we are happy to announce that the HashiCorp Terraform Enterprise integration for ServiceNow Service Catalog supports the full infrastructure lifecycle from creation to deletion. Now it is even easier to leverage Terraform Enterprise and ServiceNow to create a self-service, infrastructure as code approach to multi-cloud provisioning, compliance, and management.

Self-Service Infrastructure with ServiceNow & Terraform Enterprise

Companies who adopt Terraform Enterprise want to provide self-service infrastructure to end-users within their organization. When we initially launched our integration with ServiceNow's Service Catalog, we gave Terraform Enterprise users a way to provide automated cloud provisioning to end-users who wanted to request cloud infrastructure using the tools they were already familiar and comfortable with. This allowed companies to take advantage of ServiceNow's workflow management alongside Terraform's provisioning automation.

Today, we're extending that even further by allowing end-users to manage the lifecycle of their infrastructure.

The Workflow

Now your end-users can let you know when they are done with their infrastructure by submitting delete requests through ServiceNow's Service Catalog.

Any user with access to the Terraform catalog can submit an order for infrastructure through the Service Catalog. Terraform provisions that infrastructure and the user can go off and do their work. When they are done, they can return to the Terraform catalog, choose "Delete," pick the request number of the infrastructure they're done with, and click "Order".

Terraform will destroy the infrastructure and then delete the workspace.

Policy Enforcement

We've kept all the same controls in place from the initial integration, so you can put parameters in place to prevent policy violations and mishaps. Both Terraform's Sentinel and ServiceNow's robust compliance tooling work together to allow you to customize your users' experience in a safe, secure, and compliant way.

Getting Started

The ServiceNow Service Catalog native integration is part of Terraform Enterprise. To learn more about the workflow for self-service infrastructure visit our Terraform product page. To learn more about getting started with Terraform Enterprise sign up for a 1-on-1 demo.

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