Amazon Elasticsearch Service announces support for Elasticsearch 6.7

Amazon Elasticsearch Service now supports open source Elasticsearch 6.7 and Kibana 6.7. The new version of Elasticsearch and Kibana offers several new features and improvements, including BKD backed geo-shapes datatype, median absolute deviation aggregation, and support for nested fields in composite aggregations from Recent Announcements

Textron Systems Displays New Geospatial Analytic Tool with AWS at the 2019 GEOINT Symposium

Video is often thought of in terms of entertainment, but it also informs decisions across a range of industries, from defense to oil and gas, agriculture, and beyond. Intelligence agencies, for instance, analyze live footage from aircraft to gather and act on timely intel, or in agriculture, footage from an unmanned aerial system (UAS) can be used to evaluate crop yield Read more…

Threat Detection and Remediation in the Cloud

Threat Detection and Remediation in the Cloud Learn more about AWS at –  This session provides an overview of the latest developments in AWS threat detection and remediation. We also provide an overview of the AWS services used to detect and remediate threats. View on YouTube