Updated resources for AWS Elemental MediaLive channel

Information about the following Channel resources was added: AncillarySourceSettings, AudioSelector, AudioSilenceFailoverSettings, AudioTrack, AudioTrackSelection, AutomaticInputFailoverSettings, CdiInputSpecification, EbuTtDestinationSettings, FailoverCondition, FailoverConditionSettings, FeatureActivations, Fmp4HlsSettings, H264ColorSpaceSettings, H264FilterSettings, H265ColorSpaceSettings, H265FilterSettings, H265Settings, Hdr10Settings, InputLossFailoverSettings, Mpeg2FilterSettings, Mpeg2Settings, MultiplexGroupSettings, MultiplexOutputSettings, TemporalFilterSettings, VideoBlackFailoverSettings, WavSettings.


Modules are a way for you to package resource configurations for inclusion across stack templates, in a transparent, manageable, and repeatable way. Modules can encapsulate common service configurations and best practices as modular, customizable building blocks for you to include in your stack templates.

Change sets for nested stacks

With change sets for nested stacks you can preview the changes to your application and infrastructure resources across the entire nested stack hierarchy and proceed with updates when you’ve confirmed that all the changes are as intended. For more information, see Change sets for nested stacks.