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It is customary to start a blog such as this, one that looks broadly across the Media industry in the EMEA region, to get quickly to the word ‘transformation.’ Before I do, I want to describe the objectives for this latest online version of a multi-year series of events that Amazon Web Services (AWS) holds in several countries throughout the year.

An AWS Media & Entertainment Symposium seeks to engage the broad spectrum of organizations involved in the creation, processing, and delivery of premium content to viewers. These one-day events allow the industry to come together to explore how the cloud is already helping bring benefits (whether to creative teams, viewers, or the business) and share needs for the future.

2020 has proven to be one of the most challenging for all of us, and we are not yet out of the woods. Throughout the industry, the business and operational shockwaves have demanded the most creative engineering solutions and the can-do spirit to continue to film, edit, grade, produce, and deliver television programming. This innovation in the face of adversity has been met with considerable appetite and, I expect, gratitude from the millions of viewers globally who have sheltered at home and watched more television than before.

Time to change

The pandemic has meant that across EMEA we have been unable to hold in-person events, and yet our customers tell us how much they value them. We have therefore brought together an inspiring group of executive industry leaders, many of them in-person (with all due safety precautions, of course) to discuss our industry in change and assess the impacts that will likely land in 2021.

During our morning executive focus sessions, you can hear from UKTV, ITV, the DPP, and Nordic Entertainment Group, plus an industry assessment from analysts Devoncroft Partners. In the afternoon we are joined by Grass Valley, Grabyo, 7FiveFive, and Merapar to look deeper into key workloads – exploring the ‘art of possible’ with cloud-native approaches to live events, remote editing, and more. We hear many customers tell us that cloud-based video workloads that had been in proof-of-concept then became business-critical because of the pandemic. These workloads are now enabling remote work, remote creativity, and scaling to deliver the surge in demand for online streamed video services.

Our industry has been under a continual transformation, adapting to new opportunities and embracing new technologies. The cloud has a significant role to play in enabling the future innovation, the future of content consumption, and addressing operational and business challenges in the here and now. Our industry has known for some time the direction of travel to embrace future opportunities. The pandemic has just accelerated the need to move faster. It is time to change.

I hope you have the opportunity to join us on November 10 and take part in an online event with a difference – speakers in one place, so you can be remote.

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