Video-on-demand (VOD) assets can be streamed to end-user mobile devices by using a local encoder, AWS Elemental MediaConnect (EMX) service, and Zixi Player.

In Part 1 of this blog series, we demonstrated how to install and configure Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio and Zixi SDK for AWS Elemental MediaConnect (Zixi-MediaConnect) Feeder on a local system, create an AWS Elemental MediaConnect flow, and stream a local VOD asset to end-user mobile devices.

In this document, we demonstrate how to configure a local encoder (either AWS Elemental Live or FFmpeg) and AWS Elemental MediaConnect to encode and stream VOD assets from Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) or a local system to end-user mobile devices.

A description of Zixi-MediaConnect Feeder/Receiver, supported protocols, latency considerations, and limitations are available in part 1 of this blog.


This post requires access to an encoder (either an AWS Elemental Live encoder or a host system such as Ubuntu Focal Fossa, capable of running FFmpeg).

Cost of provisioning resources used in this post

  • There is no charge for FFmpeg, Zixi-MediaConnect Feeder/Receiver, or the Zixi Player app.
  • MediaConnect is billed at an hourly rate for each running flow, plus either a per-gigabyte charge for data transferred using the flow or, with reserved outbound bandwidth pricing, a per-hour charge based on bandwidth for video sent to the internet. A flow that is in standby mode is not an active resource, and does not incur active resource costs even if it has outputs or entitlements configured. See for more information.
  • AWS Secrets Manager comes with a 30-day free trial. After the trial is over, Secrets Manager is billed $0.40 per secret per month. For secrets that are stored for less than a month, the price is prorated (based on the number of hours). See for more information.
  • To keep charges to a minimum, be sure to clean up resources once you are finished testing by following the tasks in Step 13 of this post


*Download Guide (Part 2) Here* 


This is the first in a 3-part blog series

Part 1  – Streaming video to AWS Elemental MediaConnect using Zixi SDK
Part 2 (this post) – Streaming video to AWS Elemental MediaConnect using Zixi SDK
Part 3 – Streaming video to AWS Elemental MediaConnect using Zixi SDK