Between 12:07 PM and 5:15 PM PST, customers experienced delays propagating changes submitted to the Route 53 API, as well as increased API error rates from 1:55 PM until 3:20 PM. This also affected provisioning of new resources that rely on Route 53 DNS, such as EFS, PrivateLink, Amazon MQ, Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka, API Gateway, DocumentDB, FSx for Lustre, Certificate Manager, Transfer for SFTP, EKS, CloudFormation, Chime Voice Connector, Global Accelerator, RDS, SageMaker Ground Truth, Amazon Managed Blockchain, Directory Service and Elastic Inference. The Route 53 API is now operating normally, and all changes that were accepted by the Route 53 API have been propagated. Queries for all existing records were answered normally during this time.

from Amazon Web Services Service Status: