The AWS Well-Architected Tool is now available in the Europe (Frankfurt) Region

The AWS Well-Architected Tool is now available in the Europe (Frankfurt) Region. The AWS Well-Architected Tool helps you review your workloads against AWS architectural best practices, and provides guidance on improving your cloud architectures.  from Recent Announcements:

SaaS Pricing Options on AWS Marketplace

SaaS Pricing Options on AWS Marketplace Learn more about AWS Marketplace at –  This video guides you through the pricing options available, when choosing to list your SaaS product in AWS Marketplace: SaaS Subscription, SaaS Contract, and SaaS Contract with Consumption. View on YouTube

Using AWS Systems Manager Change Calendar to prevent changes during critical events

When applications and their development teams grow or evolve around service-specific independent teams, coordination and visibility among projects, deployments and operational events become a critical issue. AWS customers use multiple AWS accounts for many different reasons, adding guardrails around resources and increasing the need for collaboration between different AWS account Read more…

Alexa for Business adds end of meeting reminders, intelligent room release and meeting room utilization metrics.

Alexa for Business now supports new meeting room capabilities that help employees end meetings on time, automatically free up reserved but unused meeting rooms, and provide meeting room utilization insights for your organization.  from Recent Announcements:

Amazon Lex Achieves HIPAA Eligibility

Amazon Lex is now a U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) eligible service. Customers can now use Amazon Lex to process user input that contains protected health information (PHI).  from Recent Announcements: